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The Gap Inc. closed our previous domain.

The Gap Inc, the multinational clothing corporation, known for its slick advertising and allegations of third world sweatshops, succeeded in closing the previous domain that hosted this site,

The Gap Inc, through their UK lawyers Clifford Chance, alleged that visitors to that site would be confused into thinking that Global Affiliate Programs was a site owned and managed by The Gap Inc and that by using our initials in our URL we had registered an 'abusive registration'.

As you can imagine we rejected The Gap Inc's claims completely.  We think that our site is very obviously an affiliate directory and not a clothes shop but what matters is what you, the visitors, think.

Firstly to show that we are being totally open about this we have some links below to copies of the correspondence that has taken place to date.

Letter from Clifford Chance 19/11/02

Letter to Clifford Chance 24/11/02
Letter from Clifford Chance 22/01/03
Letter to Clifford Chance 27/01/03
The Complaint submitted to Nominet
Our reply to the complaint
Their reply to my reply
The Final Judgement

To view these files you require the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This can be downloaded free from

Please read the correspondence and come to you own conclusions. One of the allegations made but rejected by Nominet's Independent Expert was that this site resembled If want to compare the sites you can play Spot The Difference.

If you think, as we do, that The Gap Inc. are just used their commercial muscle to complete a reverse domain name hijacking then please let them know by emailing them at or email their lawyers at Please keep your comments polite.

Thank you for reading this page.

George Forsyth
Global Affiliate Programs

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